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Founder Shaun Moxham coached two-time World Champion David Palmer from #44 in the world to #1 in just 18 months.  With over 30 years of international playing and coaching experience and love for squash, Shaun specializes in explaining the game like no other.

Co-Founder and CEO Katline Cauwels is one of the first women to combine professional squash with two Masters degrees.  A three-time Belgian National Champion, Katline specializes in developing junior female players.


Elliot Ridge, under the guidance of legendary Malcolm Willstrop, has coached elite adult players and juniors at many schools. He developed the strongest junior program in the UK, and represented the England Junior National Team.


A five-time British Junior Champion, Ollie Holland also played on the PSA pro circuit for two years.

A scholar from the University of Nottingham, he is also US Assistant National Coach and Head Coach at Greenwich Country Day School.


A former squash player with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy

from Northeastern University, and a Minor in Psychology,

Physiotherapist Nicole Powers uses state-of-the-sport technology and our medical grade movement studio to build the high performance athlete’s body and mind.


From Australia, Clay Canty began his squash journey at the age of 15, competing in junior tournaments and winning his first tournament at the Toowoomba Junior Open.

At 18, he began to participate in PSA tournaments, and at age 20 he became a coach. He helped an unranked junior player progress in his age group all the way to #1 in Australia.


Fitness, Conditioning + Nutrition Coach Gary Hankins is one of our greatest strengths.


Yarik played junior squash for a decade, becoming Ukraine’s champion is his age group.

While training for squash, he managed six sessions per week, despite limited resources and a two-hour commute to the club, and became vice-champion of Ukraine, representing the national team.


George, who has amassed international coaching experience across locales such as Tahiti and has contributed to the organization of squash events in New York, comes from the esteemed Pontefract squash lineage and brings to our program a wealth of specialized training knowledge.


Margot is currently a senior at Drexel University, where she is graduating with a bachelor's degree in Psychology. She was the #1 England Junior player in all categories, and played #1 for Drexel University.


She wants to be the best player she can be in the PSA circuit, while coaching squash and offering players mindset training. We believe this is the perfect combination of expertise, ambition and experience to help MSquash players lift their game.


She will start fully with us in September but will be available for virtual mindset training between April and September.

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