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Prepare For Squash in the USA

MSQUASH offers a total approach to get you ready for college squash in the USA. Specialized top level squash training on and off court, sports physiotherapy, tournament strategy and ranking consultancy. From squash to education, we prepare you to be successful on and off the court.

"Players we see from MSQUASH already have the foundation to succeed at the highest level."

- David Palmer, 2x World Champion and 4x British Open Champion, who went from #44 in the world to #1 in just 18 months with our own Shaun Moxham.

Weekend, Mini Breaks, and Long Breaks

Whether you're looking for an intensive weekend of squash or a longer training break, we've designed programs to elevate your game at every level.


Join us for a blend of lessons, clinics, and personal progress evaluations with our expert coaches. Explore our range of training options tailored to fit the rhythm of your life and squash aspirations.


Kick off the holiday season with a squash boost. This camp focuses on strategic play, conditioning, and refining your technique.


Dive deep into squash during the chilly months. Perfect your swings and learn about mental toughness and match strategy.


Shake off the winter and spring into action. Our spring camp emphasizes agility, fitness, and competitive play.


Make the most of the summer with extensive training sessions that cover all aspects of the game, from basic skills to advanced tactics.

Our Commitment and Your Benefits

At MSquash, we offer exclusive benefits for our international and out-of-state members, providing year-round access to our facilities both onsite and remotely.


Enjoy tailored memberships that include special pricing on clinics and lessons, extensive training resources with over 3000 videos, and personalized remote coaching to ensure continuous improvement.


Benefit from tournament coaching and college recruiting services that enhance your competitive edge and open doors to new opportunities.


Plus, secure your place with priority registration for our popular international summer camps. Join our community and commit to excellence in your squash journey with MSquash.

Building Global Partnerships

At MSquash, we are dedicated to fostering strong connections with international squash academies to enhance the global squash community and provide enriched opportunities for our members.


We actively seek collaborative relationships that allow for the exchange of training methodologies, cultural experiences, and competitive opportunities.


Our partnerships also facilitate guest coaching sessions and reciprocal training programs, allowing athletes and coaches to share insights and innovations that elevate their game. Through these global connections, we strive to create a network that supports the growth and development of squash players worldwide.


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